Vega Bond V9 Foam Adhesive. Interior and Exterior Architectural Foam Shapes, Trims, Decorative Tiles, Moldings, EPS and XPS Foam Boards

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Introducing Vega Bond V9 Foam Adhesive – Elevate Your Foam Installations with Confidence

Unlock the potential of seamless foam installations with Vega Bond V9 Foam Adhesive. Crafted to perfection, this adhesive stands out as the ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor applications, ensuring a reliable bond for architectural foam shapes, trims, FRP, and GFRC panels, as well as rigid foam insulation panels on building exteriors and crawl spaces.

Key Features:

Versatile Bonding: Vega Bond V9 Foam Adhesive establishes a robust connection across a variety of construction materials, including metal, foam, concrete, wood, and stone.

Rapid Tack Time: Experience unparalleled efficiency with a remarkable tack time of just 60 seconds. No need for additional fasteners when working with foam shapes and panels, saving you valuable time and effort.

Foam-Safe Formula: Rest easy knowing that V9 is foam-safe, specially designed to preserve the integrity of XPS and EPS polystyrene foams. Say goodbye to worries about foam degradation.

Universal Compatibility: V9 doesn't discriminate; it works seamlessly with all foam panel technologies. Whether you're working with wood, metal, foam, or concrete, Vega Bond V9 Foam Adhesive is your go-to solution.

No-Fuss Installation: Forget the hassle of searching for fasteners. Vega Bond V9 Foam Adhesive eliminates the need for additional hardware when installing foam shapes and panels, streamlining your project.

Indoor and Outdoor Assurance: Designed for both indoor and outdoor applications, V9 provides a strong and lasting bond, making it the perfect choice for a wide range of construction projects.

Exceptional Adhesion: Whether it's architectural marvels, decorative tiles, moldings, or insulation boards, Vega Bond V9 Foam Adhesive delivers exceptional adhesion, ensuring your projects stand the test of time.

Upgrade your foam installation game with Vega Bond V9 Foam Adhesive – where strength meets versatility. Transform your projects with confidence and precision.

4 Sizes available:

1. Single

2. 12 Pack

3. 6 Pack with Applicator Gun Cleaner

4. 12 Pack With Applicator Gun and Cleaner

Experience the revolutionary power of Vega Bond V9 Foam Adhesive, a cutting-edge technology that securely bonds architectural foam shapes and panels in just 60 seconds, with a rapid drying time of 5-7 minutes. Its exceptional performance extends to wet or damp surfaces, ensuring remarkable results.

Unlock limitless possibilities with foam shapes, suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Elevate your space with decorative columns, window trims, shutters, sills, keystones, brackets, balustrades, cornices, and more. Harness the potential of one can of foam, capable of delivering up to 600 linear feet with a 12-inch bead, depending on relative humidity and surface temperature. Vega Bond V9 Foam Adhesive: Transforming creativity into reality.

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