Vega Bond provides a quality spray foam products for domestic and commercial use. Our insulation spray foam can be used by DIY users, insulation contractors, handymen, drywall contractors,  general contractors for various home and commercial property insulation needs. We supply high-performance open cell and closed cell spray foam insulation systems along with a spray foam kit to ease the insulation process.

Since our inception we’ve been developing products and solutions for thermal insulation and fire retardant purposes. Our formulas and product compositions stand out among the with their quality, high R-value, affordability, ease of use, and energy-saving properties that suit our customer’s needs.

We deliver our spray foam insulation products nationwide with a free delivery option for customers in the metro Atlanta area. At Vega Bond, we understand the importance of being cost-effective while complying with requirements. That is why we never compromise with the quality of our products and strive to offer our spray foam formulas at competitive prices.

Vega Bond open-cell spray foam and closed-cell spray foam improve energy efficiency.

Our Mission

Vega Bond’s main aim is to consistently deliver good quality spray foam solutions that meet the energy-saving needs of our customers. We are mission-bound to offer products with optimum insulation properties, including quality air and thermal seal capabilities, all in one spray foam formulation.


Why Choose Vega Bond

Proven Effectiveness

Vega Bond's open cell and closed cell spray foams products seal your home from moisture and air intrusion and also significantly reduce your energy bills.


Whether you need to use our spray foam insulation products for basement insulation, wall insulation, attic insulation, or as an air seal, we offer our products at a competitive rate in the market. More so, we offer better rates for bulk volume buyers and provide free prepaid options.

Customer Service

Our team is ready to support you whenever you need us. Whether you need more information or help on how to use our product, we’ll be happy to help anytime.