Whether you’re a seasoned professional or using a spray foam kit for the first time, here, you’ll find helpful information on how to use the Vega Bond spray foam insulation kit for the best results.

HOW TO USE for V-200 and V-600 products

What’s In The Package?

 How To Use

  • Wear your protective gear. This includes a respirator, Glass, plastic hand gloves, and a protective work suit.
  • Thoroughly clean and dry the area you want to apply the foam
  • Ensure the tanks are at optimum temperature, and if not, you can either allow them to cool down or warm them up. Do not use open flames or blow torch to warm the tank. You can do so by keeping them at room temperature or bringing them close to an electric heater.
  • Fix your spray foam insulation kit as specified on the manual by securely connecting the hoses to the tanks. Then apply petroleum jelly on the spray gun face before attaching the nozzle.
  • Spray evenly on the intended surface by squeezing the trigger. Also, keep in mind that the spray foam rises in size and solidifies after a few minutes.
It is recommended that you change the nozzle after 8 minutes of continuous spraying or if you stop spraying for about 30 seconds.