Vega Bond Purplecoat Single Component Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation Kit (Covers 20 Board Feet Per Can at 1 inch thickness)

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Introducing Vega Bond Purplecoat Single Component Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation – Your Ultimate Solution for Unmatched Thermal and Sound Insulation!

🌟 Features:

Innovative Formula: Vega Bond Purplecoat is a single-component, closed cell spray foam insulation designed to revolutionize the way you insulate. Say goodbye to traditional methods like fiberglass batts and rolls, and welcome a continuous thermal insulation application without seams or gaps.

Coverage: Each canister covers an impressive 20 board feet, thanks to the improved formula, making it an efficient and cost-effective choice for your insulation needs.

Versatile Application: Ideal for various surfaces, including roofs, facades, attics, ceilings, foundations, and more. Its unique self-expanding property ensures coverage even on uneven and hard-to-reach surfaces.

Thermal Performance: With an R-value of 5.66 per inch and a thermal insulation value of 0.025 W/(m. K), Vega Bond provides exceptional insulation, preventing thermal bridging (heat bypass) and ensuring a comfortable environment.

Airtight Seal: The unique formula creates an airtight seal on various building materials like wood, brick, stone, concrete, metal, drywall, glass, MDF, OSB, and more.

Applicator Innovation: The new applicator gun features a swivel tip, allowing a 30-degree spray angle for easy application to any surface. Two types of nozzles – orange for ceilings and roofs, and red for vertical applications – enhance precision.

Professional-Grade: Vega Bond is a professional-grade insulation foam, making overhead and crawl space applications a breeze. Its versatility extends to automobile bodies, trailers, RVs, sheds, boats, yachts, kayaks, and vessels.

🌈 Benefits:

🔥 Efficient Insulation: Spray 12 to 15 inches away for optimal coverage, preventing heat bypass and ensuring continuous insulation on studs and walls.

👂 Sound Insulation: Not just for heat, Vega Bond excels in sound insulation, providing a quieter and more comfortable living or working space.

🛡️ Adherence: Excellent adherence to a wide range of building materials, ensuring a secure and durable insulation solution.

🌞 Important Reminders:

🚫 Sunlight Exposure: Avoid direct sunlight exposure, as discoloration may occur. Keep Vega Bond Spray Foam Insulation protected during storage and application.

📏 Application Tips: For walls, apply using the wall width and height; for ceilings, roofs, basements, foundations, etc., use the length and width of the surface area for accurate calculations.

Upgrade your insulation game with Vega Bond Purplecoat Spray Foam Insulation – where innovation meets efficiency for superior thermal and sound insulation!

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Set Packages will include the following items

1 Cleaner

1 Applicator 

1 Coverall Suit

1 Safety Goggle

1 Pair of Gloves(7 mil)

1 Trash Bag

1 Safety Mask

 Red Nozzle, Each can will have 1 red nozzle (12 packs will have 12 nozzles)

 Orange Nozzle, Each can will have 1 orange nozzle (12 packs will have 12 nozzles)

**Shipments to Canada is duty paid, customers will not pay any extra fees.




Customer Reviews

Based on 114 reviews
Darryl lee
Good product

Great product, easy to use fast shipping.

Jose Reyes
Fantastic stuff

Super fast shipping great product

Josh Cartledge
Great product & fast shipping

Made several orders and each order arrives in days. Read and follow instructions for great results.


RV Back cap

I ordered 3 cans, which was about right do do a Class A RV back cap, I probably have some variation of thickness but averaged around 1.5"

2 cans worked very well, I had them on top of an oil filled space heater to make sure they were nice and warm, the third started out a little rough but the can was colder. Getting them to the right temps seems to be paramount to performance

Richard Ory
Great spray foam

I used the spray foam for HVAC hard pipe under a house. Easy to use and all materials sent.

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